Consumer Information

Federal Regulations require that consumer information be developed, disseminated to students and staff and maintained on at least an annual basis. Notification of required consumer information disclosure will be sent to enrolled students and staff on an annual basis and will include required disclosures, descriptions and how to obtain the information. Upon request, Wayne State University can provide hard copies on any of the information displayed or listed on the websites below.  

Policies and procedures

Document Location
Academic Year Definition

Student Calendar 2021

Academic policy

Law School

School of Medicine

Admission/Readmission, institution and academic programs

Undergraduate admissions

Graduate programs

Law School

School of Medicine:


Undergraduate and graduate programs

Academic Regulations, Academic, Academic and Performance, Responsible

Records and Registration, Student, Attendance and Performance, Responsible (Graduate)

Law School

School of Medicine

Awarding of Title IV funds

Cost of attendance




School of Medicine

Campus-based programs




Guide to On-Campus Student Employment (PDF)

Career Services

College Work-Study Policy

School of Medicine

Law School

Clock hour programs: Clock to credit hour calculation

School of Social Work (PDF) -- pages 11 &12

Course Repeats


Academic Regulations, Undergraduate

Academic Regulations, Graduate - University Academic Offices, Services, Regulations, Retaking Courses

Retaining Financial Aid

School of Medicine

Credit Balance

Title IV Authorization

Receiving Your Financial Aid

Disbursements and Refunds

Student Refunds

Direct Deposit Refunds FAQs

Dependency Overrides

Aid changes


Leave of Absence

School of Medicine

Recruiter compensation/incentive programs

The University does not engage outside recruiters nor do we have a recruiter incentive programs. However, the University has salaried employees who have these responsibilities.

Return of Title IV funds

Policy (PDF)

Professional Judgment

Aid changes


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid


Student information

Withdrawals, official and unofficial, drop/add policy

Dropping or withdrawing from classes



Undergraduate Bulletin  General Information, Records and Registration, Student, Drop/Add – Adjusting Schedule

Graduate Bulletin  General Information, Records and Registration, Student, Drop/Add – Adjusting Schedule

Financial Aid Policy (PDF)

Law School

School of Medicine withdrawal process


Document Location



School of Medicine: Academic programs

Law School

Financial assistance information

Document Location
Financial assistance contacts


Student Service Center

Financial assistance programs

Types of Aid

Law School students

School of Medicine students


Applications, forms, and eligibility criteria


Freshman Admissions

Transfer Admissions

Financial aid forms

Applying for aid

Non-degree programs

Loan agreement disclosures: Students and parents 

Student loans

NSLDS information

Direct loans

Parent PLUS loans

Grad PLUS loans

Law School

School of Medicine

Loan terms and conditions

Loan counseling

Loan repayment

Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities

Institutional information

Document Location

Academic programs

Academic programs

Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletins

Academic program assessment

Law School: J.D. admissions

School of Medicine: Current Degree Programs

Instructional, lab, other facilities

Faculty & Instructional Personnel



WSU Accreditation page

Letter of accreditation (PDF)

Accreditation Report (PDF)

Undergraduate Bulletin [indexed under Accreditation]

Graduate Bulletin [indexed under Accreditations of University Programs]

Law School

School of Medicine

Cost of attendance

Cost of attendance

School of Medicine

Law School

College Bookstore – ISBN


Find course materials

Constitution Day

Citizenship & Constitution Day

Copyright information

Computing and Information Technology: Legal downloads

Higher Education Opportunity Act and Illegal File sharing

University policies

Acceptable use of information technology resources

GED programs

The University does not have any GED programs.

Net price calculator


Net Price Calculator

Official withdrawals

Official Withdrawals

Undergraduate Bulletin  Records and Registration, Student, Drop/Add – Adjusting Schedule

Graduate Bulletin

Return of Title IV Policy

Grading Policy

Law School: Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

Law Bulletin (PDF), page 40

School of Medicine: Withdrawal process

SOM: Leave of absence

Refund policy

Cancellation of unearned aid

School of Medicine

Law School

Refund Policy

School of Medicine

Study abroad

Aid for study abroad programs

Return of Title IV

Return of Title IV aid policy (PDF)

Cancellation of unearned aid

School of Medicine

Law School

School of Medicine

Students with disabilities

Student Disability Services

Parking for students with disabilities

Housing for students with disabilities (PDF), page 6

Law School

School of Medicine Student Disability Services (PDF), page 30

Student body diversity

Fall Enrollment Report

Institutional Research and Analysis Data & Enrollment headcount

Quick facts

Official reports

Pell Grant Recipients

Law School

School of Medicine

School/College diversity

Textbook information

Find course materials

School of Medicine materials

School of Medicine supplies


Transfer Credits

Articulation Agreements

Undergraduate Bulletin - Records and Registration, Student, Transfer of Undergraduate Credits

Graduate Bulletin - Academic Regulations, Transfer of Graduate Credits 


Transfer credit evaluation

Law School Academic Regulations, section D-4

Law School Admissions



School of Medicine

Law School


Voter registration 

How to Register to Vote in Michigan

State of Michigan Voter Registration Application (PDF)

Voter Registration

Written arrangements

Aid and the Wayne Advantage-Macomb program

MCC WSU Blanket Consortium Agreement (PDF)

Health and safety

Document Location
Clery (Campus Security Act)

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)

2020 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)

2019 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)

2018 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)

Crime statistics

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, page 4

Daily Crime Log

The WSU Police Department Records Section, located at 6050 Cass Avenue compiles and maintains hard copies of the Daily Crime Logs. Upon request, Daily Crime Logs are open to public inspection during normal business hours.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program 

Student Physical Wellness Resource

DAAPP procedures (PDF)

Biennial review report (PDF)




University Policy

Safety Awareness Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, page 7

Emergency Response/Evacuation

Campus Safety

Risk Management Procedures

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, pages 21-24


Fire safety reports on student housing

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF), pages 22-28

Fire Safety Manual (PDF)

Missing person notification

Campus Living Guide (PDF), page 15

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF), pages 21-22

Timely warning and emergency notification

2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF), pages 2-3

Broadcast messaging

Vaccination Policy


Immunization form (PDF)

Housing guide, page 15 

University policy

School of Medicine

School of Medicine Health Certification

Institutional outcomes

Document Location
Completion/graduation rates

Enrollment report

Headcount enrollment

Retention and graduation

Completion/graduation rates (athletes)

Academic Success Rate (NCAA)


Equity in athletics data analysis

Equity in Athletics Disclosure 


Equity in athletics data analysis

Equity in Athletics 2017

Equity in Athletics 2018

Equity in Athletics 2019

Equity in Athletics 2020

Equity in Athletics 2021

Student Right-To-Know 

Privacy of Academic Records

Institutional Data

Student Consumer Information

Financial Aid


Document Location
Availability of Employee for
Information Dissemination Purposes

Financial Aid

College Navigator Website

WSU Profile on College Navigator

Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment Programs

Sample from College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dietetics

Teacher Preparation Program Report



Distance education / Online learning

Document Location
Student instructions/materials

New online student services


Self-Assessment reference to Prospective


Student Complaint information by state and agency (PDF)

Current students

State Authorization Form

Faculty roles


Faculty development
Teaching Commons

Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) -- Online Teaching Institutes

We also conduct individual consultations based on the instructors need.  Consultations are conducted virtually (Skype, Google Hangout, Blackboard Collaborate) and at the OTL.

And finally, we have information online about technologies that can be used in traditional classes and online classes:


On-campus programs

Academic programs

Satellite campuses

Distance education (online) programs

Online programs
Degree programs
Certificate programs
Online courses

Correspondence courses

The university does not offer correspondence courses.