Program assessment

2019-2020 Assessment Adjustments for COVID-19

Dear colleagues:

Thank you for all your efforts to support students throughout our ongoing transition. Given the many changes you have made, some changes to program assessment are also in order.

In consultation with the University Assessment Council and others, several changes to our program assessment practices, informed by national discussions, have been adopted for 2019-2020. These changes reduce the pressure on you, provide options for adapting to this semester's many changes, and still achieve the goals of assessment:


Extended deadline for documentation: August 31

Reduced the requirements to one of each of the following in Planning:

  • Results
  • Action plan
  • Timeline for implementation


Choose the option that works best for your program in the current situation. Need help deciding? Use this decision tree.

Option 1: In place of your existing assessment plan, conduct a qualitative analysis of how the change to online teaching and learning will affect you and your students, colleagues, and programs in the future. (See the qualitative analysis guide for details.)

Option 2: Implement your existing assessment plan for one learning outcome, although perhaps with some modifications.

Support is available! Video or text chat or email your questions to Cathy Barrette, Director of Assessment.


The General Education Oversight Committee will provide information specific to Gen Ed assessment in the near future. In 2019-2020, assessment is scheduled for all Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Quantitative Experience (QE), and Social Inquiry (SI) courses. See the Gen Ed Program Assessment website for more information and support.

Assessment Poster Tour Postponed

Posters recognizing programs' good assessment practices in support of student learning will continue their tour of campus once everyone returns to campus. For now, please view the digital versions on the Assessment Examples page.

Assessment posters at the front of the ballroom for the Student Success Summit   Student Summit attendee viewing assessment posters

Congratulations to the 2019 WSU Assessment Grant Recipients!

Provost Keith E. Whitfield awarded grants to projects designed to improve assessment practices in five programs: Honors Undergraduate Program, Juris Doctor (JD), Composition Learning Community, BS in Nursing (BSN), and Academic Pathways for Excellence (APEX). See the WSU Assessment Grants page for a description of each project and read the 2018 grant recipients' final reports as well. 

AY18-19 Annual Report

Each year we collect data on our institution's assessment practices and use that information to improve the supports available for program assessment. See where we're doing well, where we need to improve, and how we're recognizing and supporting assessment in the 2018-2019 annual report.

           AY18-19 annual report cover   AY18-19 annual report infographic 

 AY18-19 annual report Faculty infographic  AY18-19 annual report Student infographic   AY18-19 Annual report Student Services infographic



WSU Assessment's mission is to engage faculty, staff, administrators, and students from academic and co-curricular/student services programs in an effective, sustainable process of continuous program improvement that enhances student learning throughout their time at Wayne State. WSU Assessment encourages stakeholders' engagement by:

  • offering professional development opportunities in program assessment, such as workshops, group and individual consultations, training videos, presentations, and written documentation
  • disseminating information about program assessment through peer support structures (University, College/School /Division, and Departmental program assessment committees; program assessment coordinators) and online at
  • recognizing individuals and programs for their exemplary progress and scholarly presentations or publications in assessment
  • facilitating feedback processes to improve the quality of programs' assessment plans

Read our AY17-18AY16-17AY15-16, and AY14-15 annual reports to see our progress so far and our plans for improvement.

Program assessment supports students, faculty, and staff by helping programs to: 

Get started on your assessment plan now using the resources on this site. For example:

Assessment Handbooks (pdf)

Academic Programs Assessment Handbook                Student Services Assessment Handbook

University program assessment progress