Program assessment learning opportunities

We provide a number of learning opportunities to assist you in the program assessment process.

  1. The Academic Programs and Student Services Assessment Handbooks explain each step of the assessment process, describe the key features of good assessment practices, and include examples from WSU programs for each element.  Academic Programs Assessment Handbook                Student Services Assessment Handbook
  2. Program assessment presentations provide an overview of program assessment and guides for writing a mission statement, specifying learning outcomes, creating a curriculum map and developing assessments.
  3. Assessment toolkits - quickstart guides for:
  • Learning outcomes (pdf)
  • Curriculum mapping (pdf)
  • Data interpretation (pdf)
  • Stakeholder engagement (pdf)
  1. Dr. Cathy Barrette, WSU Director of Assessment, offers feedback, workshops, working groups, and individual consultations.
  2. The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) offers workshops and individual consultations.
  3. Baseline is a survey tool. The Baseline team provides assistance in developing your survey. Contact the Director of Assessment for access.