Additional resources


Gen Ed-Specific Assessment

  • Website includes tutorials, presentations, and an overview of the process
  • General Education Oversight Committee's email address for related questions:

Statistics tutorials

  • Descriptive statistics, a beginner's guide with definitions of essential terminology and an overview of what descriptive statistic do for you (i.e., show frequency of responses, most common response, variation in responses, or position of one score in relation to others (e.g., percentile))
  • Basic inferential statistics, a beginner's guide to statistics used with different data types (nominal, ordinal, continuous) that help you compare groups, generalize from a sample to a population, and identify whether your results are due to chance (correlation, chi-square, t-test, ANOVA, factor analysis, regression)

Student and program data (possible indirect assessments)

Publications and media

Professional associations and social media

Higher Learning Commission Accreditation