To ensure that the General Education Program is meeting its goals and that our students are achieving the learning outcomes set out for the program, the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) undertook a collaborative process to develop an assessment plan for Gen Ed. Assessment is a means for the GEOC, departments, and instructors to evaluate how they are meeting the learning outcomes of the program; it is not an SET (Student Evaluation of Teaching) and cannot be used without the instructor's permission in performance or merit evaluations. Instead, assessment should be a transparent process that protects individual instructor and student confidentiality while encouraging departments and instructors to strengthen instructional delivery, materials, and assignments, and build on areas of strength. The GEOC will rely heavily on the Continued Improvement phase of assessment. Our goal is to provide the best General Education program we can for our students.

The Gen Ed Assessment Process is led by General Education Assessment Fellows and the GEOC; however, the success of our program assessment efforts rely on the dedication and investment of individual instructors.  The GEOC cannot do this without your cooperation and support! 

Introduction to General Education Assessment