The success of our General Education Program rests on the dedication, commitment, and skill of our instructors.  As instructors, you design and teach courses that help students develop foundational competencies, explore new ways of thinking about the world, and access resources key to student success on Wayne State's campus.  In addition to the contributions that you make to your individual departments or units, you are also an important part of this General Education community.

We appreciate all of your hard work, and we want to support you in general education teaching.  As General Education instructors, you are responsible for creating courses, instructing students, and submitting and reflecting on assessment data.  But you are not in that alone.  In collaboration with other units across campus, the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) provides a range of resources to ensure the success of your efforts, and we are always happy to work with you to address concerns or challenges.

On this website, you will find a range of resources to support General Education course development, instruction, and assessment, as well as opportunities for recognition.  We encourage you to use these resources, but please also reach out to if there is other support that you need.