Advisors are essential partners in our General Education Program.  You help shape student schedules and guide them as they navigate degree programs.  General Education differs from other academic programs that students associate with degrees (i.e. majors and minors), and we know that students are sometimes reluctant to take General Education courses.  However, General Education courses provide an important opportunity for students to explore and develop core competencies that will set them up for success at Wayne State and beyond.  We encourage students to be both intentional and curious in choosing their Gen Ed courses.  Rather than something to "get over with" or "get through", we are working to build a culture of General Education that views these courses as an opportunity to grow their knowledge, learn how to work and live in a diverse and increasingly global world, and develop transferable skills that will help them adapt and thrive in the workplaces of the future.

On this site we have gathered resources to help support you in advising for the General Education Program.  These resources include best practices from advising colleagues, sample course maps and plans, and information on the benefits of General Education.  We hope that we can work together to support student success in General Education.

If you encounter any challenges, need additional resources, or have any questions, please reach out to us at  We are here to support you and your vital work.