The GEOC regularly offers workshops related to Gen Ed assessment, which are shared with instructors via email and listed on our website.  However, if you need help in between workshops, you might start with the videos and resources available on this page.  If you have questions about how to design your gen ed course, check out the resources provided by the Office of Teaching and Learning on the Instructor Support page.

Canvas Training Course

In order to make the material in assessment workshops more widely available and accessible to all instructors, the GEOC has created an Assessment Training Course in Canvas, which should be available to all instructors teaching a Gen Ed course in the current academic year.  If you do not have access to the training course on your Canvas account and would like access, please contact us at

Resources for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

The GEOC participates in new GTA orientation every year and continues to develop unique resources and support for GTAs.  The position of a GTA may vary depending on their relationship with the course.  GTAs that are instructors of record in the course are responsible for submitting assessment data for their course when appropriate.  GTAs that serve as graders or who teach a lab attached to a lecture should consult with their supervising instructors/coordinators to determine whether they or the instructor should submit assessment data.  The GEOC regularly runs workshops for GTAs within departments and labs.  Please contact us if you would like to schedule a workshop for GTAs need additional support.