Frequently Asked Questions

If I must provide the scores/data, do I have to provide a lot of data to some assessment system?  

The GEOC has developed streamlined rubrics that are integrated into Canvas in order to make the assessment process as easy as possible.  Any data submitted for assessment will be used in accordance with our data management plan.

How will all of this affect my workload? 

While there is some additional work involved in submitting assessment data, by integrating the rubrics into Canvas, we have tried to remove barriers and streamline the process.  If you find that you are spending excessive amounts of time on Gen Ed Assessment, please contact the GEOC or attend one of our workshops for time-saving tips. 

Gen Ed data for each course category is collected every third year.  The GEOC generates relevant reports and shares those with instructors.  Program-level reports are shared on the General Education Program website.

We do encourage instructors and departments to reflect on assessment reports as they seek to develop courses and curriculum that support student learning and success.  Please contact the GEOC if you would like additional support as an individual instructor or department. 

How will the General Education assessment affect my individual courses or assessment of my teaching in the classroom? 

The assessment does not evaluate individual teaching performance and thus will not be used as evidence in promotion and tenure or hiring/renewal decisions. The artifacts and data that we receive will be anonymous and used to evaluate how well the General Education-designated courses fulfill the General Education program's competencies and group requirements. If the assessment data demonstrates a failure to fulfill certain General Education outcomes, the GEOC will work with instructors to develop an action plan.  

This seems like a lot of work on me. What's the benefit? 

One of the goals of the new General Education program was to create a range of courses that provide the best broad-based education for our students. The aim of the assessment is to note how well we are teaching our students at a programmatic level and to improve the program over time through changes in learning outcomes and program design.

Additionally, our university accreditation requires that we assess all university programs. General Education is one of our largest and most important programs. Simply put, we have no option but to assess the program, but we hope that the assessment process can also benefit both students and instructors.  

Who should I contact with questions? 

Please contact with any questions.