Assessment Reports

In accordance with the GEOC's data management plan, individual instructor results are never shared publicly.  However, continuous improvement of our General Education Program requires that all members of our community have access to the program-level reports in order to guarantee the transparency of the process and create opportunities for collaboration and coordination around improvement within and across General Education designations.  The reports linked below provide data at the broadest possible level (i.e. the designation).  The GEOC and the Assessment Subcommittee will work with individual instructors and departments to reflect on individual- and program-level reports and identify opportunities for improvement.

NB: Dates listed below are reporting years. The data in the reports were collected the year prior.




2019-2020 reports

Reflecting on Gen Ed Assessment Reports

Gen Ed assessment reports can be a helpful tool in reflecting on course design and pedagogy.  In addition to instructor support videos, the GEOC has also created infographics that summarize key information that can aid you in the process of reflection.

Assessment Reflection Guide


Instructor Level Assessment Reflection

You can also participate in ongoing Instructor Engagement Workshops, where we reflect on both our university-level and instructor-level assessment reports and think about how we can use that data to support student success and advance program improvement.