WSU Program Assessment Grants


To promote best practices in program-level assessment of student learning outcomes and student services programs' goals, the Office of the Provost offers one-time funds to assist in the piloting, creation, or significant revision of a program's assessment instruments or process, or to obtain professional development in program assessment.

Although the 2021 deadline has passed, the call for proposals and the rubric are a useful resource for those interested in considering a project in the future. Proposals are typically due May 31.

See below for past projects' titles and reports or read examples of successful proposals. Contact WSU Director of Assessment Cathy Barrette with questions or for a consultation about your project ideas or draft proposal.

Congratulations, 2020 WSU Program Assessment Grant Awardees!

(Grant recipients: See the forms page for reporting templates.)

Based on recommendations from a review committee of faculty and staff with extensive experience in assessment, four projects received 2020 assessment grants:

Unit Project title and description Collaborating colleagues

Liberal Arts & Sciences:

Latino/a & Latin American Studies

Un Arroz Con Pollo: Assessing Mixed and Multidisciplinary Learning Modalities in an Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Faculty and staff will obtain professional development and consult with a disciplinary expert to redesign their program learning outcomes and assessments.

Melissa Miranda Morse, Tamara Serrano Chandler, Jorge Chinea, Victor Figueroa

Pharmacy & Health Sciences:

Pathologists' Assistant

Bone Saw Skill Assessment in Clinical Practice

Faculty will develop and pilot two new assessments to meet an accreditation requirement related to the psychomotor skills learning outcome.

VeraLucia Mendes-Kramer, Dongping Shi

Student Services: 

Career Services

Assessing Staff Acquisition of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Competency Knowledge for WSU Career Services

Staff will undertake professional development to integrate and assess their professional standard related to diversity, equity and inclusion into presentations for students.

Padmaja Rao

Student Services: 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Using Feedback Informed Therapy to Strengthen Program Assessment at CAPS: A Pilot Study

Staff and clients will pilot FIT, a validated tool that provides continuous feedback about client progress and counselor effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Ellen Barrett-Beckner, Jeff Kuentzel, Charisse Ormanian, Kristie Van de Laar, Tanya Vines, ShaCha Geronimo


Completed Grant Projects

In a Today@Wayne article about the 2018 grants, then-Provost Keith E. Whitfield commented: "the selected projects stood out for their clear focus on student learning through improvements to core program assessment practices; broad engagement of stakeholders; and high potential for significant impact on students, faculty and staff."  The reports below provide a summary of each past project's goals, activities, and impact.

2019 Grant Projects:

Watch the 2019 grant recipients' panel or read their final reports to learn about their completed projects. 

2019 Assessment Grants Reports
2019 Assessment Grant Reports
  • APEX Program Assessment Using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education
  • Assessing Clinical Judgment and Critical Thinking through the Nursing Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Assessing Skills Development and Knowledge Retention Among Honors College Students: Comparing Freshman-Level
    Curricular Outcomes
  • Clicking to Assessment Success: Formative Assessment in Law
  • Composition Learning Community: How LC Participation During BC and ICN Courses Impacts Students' Academic Success

2018 Grant Projects:

Watch the 2018 grant recipients' panel or read their final reports to learn about their completed projects. 

2018 assessment grant final report cover
2018 Assessment Grant Reports
  • Exit Survey for Chemistry Undergraduates
  • Getting More Specific: Engaging Stakeholders to Move from Competencies to Learning Outcomes (Social Work)
  • Who is Assessing the Assessments: Improving Student Learning Outcomes for Communication Studies
  • Development and Implementation of a New Capstone Course with Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) Prior to Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in a Pharm.D. Program
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Assessment of Physical Therapy Students in their Final Clinical Experiences
  • HIS 1001 – Defining What It Means to "Think Historically"
  • Wayne State University Writing Center Tutees: Who Uses the Center, Who Does Not, and How Does Use Impact Students' Academic Success?