Sample Successful Grant Proposals

Master of Public Health (2022): Focus: Aligning assessments with changes to accreditation criteria, curriculum, and course competencies

Music (2022): Focus: Creating a user-friendly data collection process that facilitates data aggregation across instructors and specializations

Sociology (2022): Focus: Building exam question banks calibrated for difficulty level and representative of program content and a standardized process for administering, reporting, and analyzing the exam results.

Composition Learning Community (2019): Focus: Integrating student demographics with revised course-based outcomes data

Law (2019): Focus: Piloting use of iClickers as a tool for introducing formative assessments

Chemistry (2018): Focus: Developing an exit survey and expanding the content areas being assessed

History (2018): Focus: Professional development to support revision of learning outcomes and to design an integrated, cross-year assessment process


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