Student Refunds

A student refund is generated when refundable financial aid or other payments exceed tuition, fees and any residential housing charges.

Beginning July 1, 2016, Wayne State University student refunds will no longer be processed through Higher One. If you currently have a checking account serviced by Higher One, you can continue to utilize the account by enrolling in direct deposit through WSU and providing the Higher One routing and bank information. Access your Higher One information at

Wayne State University issues refunds to students' accounts once a week.  Refunds can be released in two ways:

  1. Direct deposit into an existing U.S. checking or savings account
  2. Paper check mailed to the address on file with WSU

Students may enroll in direct deposit by logging into Academica, selecting Student Resources, Financial Records and Direct Deposit Student Refund then following the instructions.

Students must keep their address current, as checks are mailed to the most current active mailing address in Academica.

Accounts may be viewed in Academica to determine if a refund has been issued.

Please Note: Refund checks are not available for pickup.


Stop Payments
Stop payments may be requested for refund checks that have not been received 14 days after the check issue date. The student (or parent borrower for PLUS Loan proceeds) will need to contact the Student Accounts Receivable Office by telephone (313) 577-3653, option 5 or in person to request the issuance of a new refund.


Stale Dated Checks
Refund checks that are not cashed within 90 days of issuance are not valid. These checks will have a stop payment placed and will no longer be eligible for cashing. The uncashed funds will be processed to the student account in the following order:
1. Applied to a current or past due balance (within the same award year)
2. Reissued to payee
3. Applied to borrower's loan, if applicable (Federal Direct Loans or Perkins) or returned to the funding source
4. Placed in forfeiture holding account to escheat to the State.



Refunds Frequently Asked Questions


How are refunds from WSU delivered to students?

  1. Paper check (an active mailing address is required)
  2. Direct Deposit to your existing bank account. Log in to WSU Academica select "Student Resources", "Financial Records" and "Direct Deposit Student Refund", then follow the instructions.

It is very important that students keep their mailing address current, since an active mailing address is required to issue any refund. Students can change and/or view address information in WSU Academica.


Can my refund be deposited into the account of my choice?

Yes, you may choose any U.S. domestic bank account for your direct deposit student refund. A checking account or savings account can be used.


What if I paid with cash or check and my account is over paid?

If you are eligible for a refund due to an over payment on your student account, the funds can be sent to you by direct deposit. Refunds from cash or check overpayments are issued starting on the Monday following the 100 percent add/drop period for the specified semester.

Note: If you paid with a personal check, the clearing period is 30 business days after the check is presented. Refunds will be issued after the check clearing period.