Direct Deposit Refund FAQs

 Direct Deposit Frequently asked Questions

  • What is direct deposit?

    Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of money into any domestic checking or savings account. Instead of receiving a paper check, the student account refund goes directly into the bank account chosen by the student. The account must belong to the student, or the student must be authorized to withdraw funds.

    The benefits for using Direct Deposit are numerous, and there are specific ways you it works to your advantage.

    • Easy. Sign up in WSU Academica (Recommended browsers - Edge and Internet Explorer)

    • Quick. No waitng for checks to clear; Have access to your funds sooner.

    • Convenient. Saves time and gas with no more driving to the bank or standing in line.

    • Secure. Eliminates the risk of your check being lost or stolen in the mail.

    • Reliable. You will always know your funds will be deposited - even if you are out of town.

    • Free. There is no fee to enroll.

  • When are Direct Deposits Issued?

    Student Accounts Receivable begins issuing direct deposits after financial aid is disbursed to students' accounts. Refunding begins at the start of each semester.  We strongly encourage students to enroll in direct deposit early to avoid delays.

  • Can my refund be deposited into the account of my choice?

    You may choose any U.S. domestic bank account for your direct deposit refund. A checking account or savings account can be used.    

  • How do I enroll in Direct Deposit?

    Enrollment is only available in a secured online environment using WSU Academica. Your WSU Access ID, password, bank account number and bank routing number are required to complete the online enrollment agreement.

    1. Log onto WSU Academica (Recommended browsers - Edge and Internet Explorer)

    2. On the left hand side find the Student Resources section.

    3. Choose Financial Records.

    4. Select Direct Deposit Student Refunds.

    5. Follow the instructions

  • When I sign up for Direct Deposit, how long will it take to start?

    Your direct deposit enrollment will become active within minutes after you electronically sign and submit the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement online.

  • Who should I call if I have additional questions about direct deposit?

    Contact the Student Accounts Receivable Office (SAR) at (313) 577-3653

  • Who should I call if I have problems logging into WSU Academica or password questions?

    Contact the Computer & Information Technology Help Desk at (313) 577-4778.