How to drop a class

To drop a class, start at the Registration Portal and log in to "Register for Classes"

  • If you have a hold and need help dropping a class, send an email request to with the appropriate course information. 

  • You may drop a fifteen-week course through the end of the second week of class.

  • Classes that are dropped do not appear on the transcript.

Use the Action menu in the Summary panel to select Drop. Click Submit to save changes. The class will be deleted from your registration history and will not appear in the Summary panel.

Screenshot of the action screen with the Drop menu expanded

Starting with the first day of classes for the semester, you will have to select "Drop with 100% tuition cancellation," and the class will remain in your Summary panel as "Dropped." If you change your mind, you can select "Register" and then "Submit" to re-register for the class.

Beginning the third week of class, you are no longer allowed to drop classes. You must withdraw instead.

  • It is your responsibility to request the withdrawal. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.

  • The withdrawal period for full-term classes ends at the end of the tenth week of the term. To view deadlines for a specific course, check the Class Detail panel of the class in the Class Schedule.



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Registration hours are 7:00 a.m. to midnight - Eastern Time Zone.