General Information

Registration Availability

Registration hours are 7:00 a.m. to midnight - Eastern Time Zone.

Closed/Full classes

To inquire about entering a closed class, contact the department offering the class for assistance. Departmental phone numbers are available through the WSU Online Directory at

Dropping a class

Students must drop classes through the Registration Portal ( If a student has a hold and needs help dropping a class, they should send an e-mail request from their WSU e-mail account to with the appropriate course information. Students may drop a class for 15 week classes through the end of the second week of class. Classes that are dropped do not appear on the transcript. For more information, see How to drop a class.

Requesting a withdrawal from a class

Beginning the third week of class, students are no longer allowed to drop but must withdraw from classes. It is the student's responsibility to request the withdrawal. Failure to do so will result in a grade of F. The withdrawal period for full-term classes ends at the end of the tenth week of the term. See the Academic Calendar for specific information on when the withdrawal period ends.

It is recommended you consult with Financial Aid and your advisor to learn how withdrawing from a course will specifically impact you financially and academically.

Having a hold will not prevent you from withdrawing.

Registration fee

Students who drop all classes by the deadline will have the registration fee waived. Go to the Registration Portal ( and either Browse for Classes or Register for Classes (log in required) and search for a course. Click on the title of course to open the Class Details Panel.

Visitor program

The Visitor Program allows any adult who is not currently enrolled in credit courses at Wayne State to attend a wide range of university courses in a non-credit status. Visitors do not receive academic credit and do not receive acknowledgment on transcripts. Provided space is available, adults may enroll as visitors in most courses listed in the Registration Portal ( > Browse Classes). It is not necessary to be formally admitted to the university to take advantage of the Visitor Program. Visitors do not submit written work or take examinations. Registration for both on-campus and off-campus classes takes place the first week of classes and is processed by the Division of Educational Outreach Programs, located on the main campus.

Variable Credit Classes

The system will automatically assign the minimum number of credits to these classes. To increase the number of credits, click on credit hours in the Schedule and Options panel of the Register for Classes page of the Registration Portal ( Enter the correct number of credits and click the "Submit" button. If you are having difficulty adjusting the number of credits, email us at with your AccessID or WSU ID, the CRN, and the total number of credits you wish to take.

Web registration

You cannot register/add/drop if:

  • You have an academic or financial hold.
  • You have not been admitted to the university for the current term.
  • You have not registered for several years and have not had your records reactivated. You may need to contact Student Records at 313-577-3531 before registering.

Winter 2020 - Spring/Summer 2021 Pass/No Pass Grading

Spring/Summer 2021 was the last semester for this opt-in program.  Starting Fall 2021, the university will revert to its normal pass/no pass policy where a student must obtain approval to register for a class for pass/no pass.  Consult with your academic advisor if you have questions: COVID Pandemic Pass/No Pass Grading for Undergraduates