How to add to a waitlist

Go to the Registration Portal

Select "Register for Classes" (WSU Login required)

As you search for classes, or enter CRNs and find a class you want to take is full, some sections will have a waitlist available.

Clicking on the title of any section will pop open the Class Details Panel in another window. Under "Enrollment," you can see if a waitlist is offered for that specific section. If there are zero (0) waitlist seats, a waitlist is NOT available.

If a waitlist is available, the full class will allow you to click "Add" and place the class in your Summary Panel. Select "Waitlist" from the action bar. Click Submit.

Requirements for courses are still in effect – you will not be added to a waitlist unless you have met the requirements or have been granted overrides to do so, with the exception of time conflicts or duplicate sections.

The course will be added to your schedule as Waitlisted. In the "Schedule Details" Panel, click on the arrow to show your position in the waitlist queue. When it is your turn to register, the waitlist position will be zero (0).

NOTE: the course will appear on your day and time schedule, but you are not registered for the class. There will be a warning about a time conflict, but you will be able to register for open classes held at the same time as your waitlisted class(es).

Email confirmation will be sent to your WSU AccessID if a seat becomes available. BE SURE TO MONITOR YOUR EMAIL. IT WILL BE YOUR ONLY NOTIFICATION.

Once you receive the notification, return to "Register for Classes" in the Registration Portal ( Change the action bar to "Register," and click submit.

If you do not register during the 24-hour time period, you will be removed from the waitlist and will need to add yourself to the end of the waitlist.

General information about waitlisting