How to search for 8 week classes (Advanced Search)

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When searching for classes in "Browse Classes" or "Register for Classes" (login required) you can use the Advanced Search to limit your options to courses that are taught for a specifc part of term.

The full fall or winter semester runs approximately 16 weeks plus final exams. Some classes meet for shorter timeframes - especially in the spring or summer where classes start in May and end in July (first half, or H1) or start in July and run through August (second half, or H2).

"Part of Term" refers to the different timeframes in which a class is being held. By changing the start and end dates of a class other important dates, such as deadlines for tuition cancellation and withdrawing from a class, are modified in proportion to the number of weeks the class is held.

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Click on "Advanced Search"

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Part of Term

Click in the Part of Term Box and scroll through the menu to find the desired term. The full-term is 16 weeks long, so half term classes are 8 weeks long. 


Search Results

The search results will tell you the Course Reference Number (CRN) of each section, title, number of credits, the instructor, times and days, campus, and number of seats avalable. You can increase the number of classes shown or move through the pages at the bottom of the screen.


Class Details panel

Clicking on the title of the course will pop open a Class Details window. Note the important information about deadlines for tuition cancellation and withdrawals. 

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Clicking on the "Instructor/Meeting Times" tab will display important information about how the class will meet, either online or in person. If the class has not yet started, you will be able to add it to the Summary area in "Register for Classes" and click Submit to register.


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