Volunteer experiences

Volunteer experiences, particularly in the area of direct patient care, are a critical part of developing awareness and competitiveness as a medical school applicant.  Direct patient care experiences can vary by location with respect to the job or duty assigned.  There are several locations that offer direct patient care opportunities on a volunteer basis.  It is best to contact the institution you are interested in volunteering for to find out their volunteer policy.

The hospitals and clinics near Wayne State University are a great place to start your search. Several of these hospitals have a list of volunteer opportunities to gain the direct patient care experience desired by many medical schools on their websites.  Additionally, applications for the volunteer programs can often be downloaded directly from the hospital websites (see links below).  Other places to consider searching for volunteer opportunities and direct patient care experiences are the clinics, nursing homes and hospice centers located in your area of residence.  Doing so would give applicants the opportunity to diversify their experience portfolio.

Check out the growing list of hospitals that currently have volunteer opportunities available to gain direct patient care experienece:

Children's Hospital of Michigan

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

Henry Ford Hospital

Detroit Medical Center

DMC - Sinai Grace Hospital


Free Clinics List