The PMHSC recommends courses based on two things: application requirements and relevant Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) content.  PMHSC advisors will work with all candidates to plan the most appropriate classes based on their specific major, minor and interests.  The courses listed below will meet admissions requirements for all seven medical schools in the state of Michigan and will provide robust background for the MCAT. 


MAT 1800 (precalculus) is recommended and/or required for pre-med science courses. A statistics course is recommended for the MCAT and medical school admissions requirements.  Many majors at Wayne State University require a statistics course that will be acceptable.  If your major does not include a statistics course, please discussion options with your pre-med advisor. 


Minimum 2 courses with lab. Upper division coursework strongly recommended. Suggested WSU include:

BIO 1500/1501 - Basic Life Diversity 4 cr.
BIO 1510/1511 - Basic Life Mechanisms 4 cr.
BIO 2600 or 2550 - Intro to Cell Biology  4 cr.
BIO 3200 - Human Physiology 3 cr.


Two semesters of general with lab. Two semesters of organic with lab.

CHM 1100/1130 - General Chemistry 1 5 cr.
CHM 1140/1150 - General Chemistry 2 5 cr.
CHM 1240/1250 - Organic Chemistry 1 5 cr.
CHM 2220/2230 - Organic Chemistry 2 5 cr.


Strongly recommended and required by many schools. Recommended for the MCAT.

BIO 3100 - Cellular Biochemistry 3 cr.
CHM 5600 - Survey of Biochemistry 3 cr.


Two semesters with lab.

PHY 2130/2131 or PHY 2170/2171 - Physics 1 5 cr.
PHY 2140/2141 or PHY 2180/2181 - Physics 2 5 cr.

Social/Behavioral Science

Strongly recommended for MCAT purposes. 2 to 3 courses required by many schools.

PSY 1010 or 1020 - Intro to Psychology 4-3 cr.
SOC 1010 or 1020 or PH 3100 3 cr.


Minimum 2 semesters of English composition required by most schools.


Ethics (PHI 1100, 1110, 1120, or 2320) is recommended by the WSU Medical School.

Developing the skills assessed on the MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning (CARS) section

Preparing for the Critical Analysis and Reasoning (CARS) section of the MCAT can be challenging.  Pre-med advisors recommend students make the most of their required general education courses by choosing ones that will develop the skills tested on the MCAT.  This growing list of CARS suggested classes may aid a student in choosing courses that will both satisfy general education requirements and enhance challenging reasoning and comprehension skills.

BME as a Pre-Med

Students who are interested in earning a degree in Biomedical Engineering and applying to medical school should review the biomedical engineering webpage for the Pre-med BME plan. Because the plan of work is rigorous, it is essential that a student meet regularly with a BME advisor and a pre-med advisor.