Pre-Podiatry at WSU

'Pre-podiatry' is not a major or minor at WSU.  Students who identify as 'pre-podiatry' plan to attend podiatry school after earning their bachelor's degree.  Supplemental academic advisors work in the PMHSC with the intention of helping students prepare and submit a competitive application to podiatry school.  Advising topics include, but are not limited, MCAT preparatory coursework, professional development activities and the application process.  Because the process of preparing for podiatry school is so similar to preparing for medical school, students interested in learning more are asked to attend a Pre-Med Information Session BEFORE scheduling a one on one appointment with an advisor.

Pre-podiatry students are encouraged to complete the Pre-Podiatry Interest Form to ensure they are receiving emails and communications related to podiatry schools and applications. 

Podiatry 101

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) a podiatrist is a physician who treats the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg.  Day to day activities of a practicing podiatrist include tasks such as: 

  • Prescribing medication designed to treat specific foot and ankle ailments 
  • Performing complex surgeries and in-patient procedures 
  • Treating diabetic patients, children, athletes 
  • Imaging broken bones  
  • Conducting research and collecting data for clinical trials 
  • Teaching and training podiatry residents rotating in clerkships 

While many podiatrists work in the office setting of a private or group practice, practioners are needed in a wide variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, the armed forces, health departments, health professional schools and athletic teams.  

Freshman or Transfer Student and Thinking Pre-Podiatry?

The pathway to podiatry school shares A LOT of similarities with the pathway to medical school.  Students who are interested in applying to podiatry school should plan to ATTEND orientation and MEET with their assigned major advisor before connecting with an advisor in the PMHSC.  Pre-podiatry students are expected to attend a Pre-Med Essentials Session BEFORE scheduling a one-on-one appointment with an advisor in the PMHSC.