Application Support

Submitting your professional school application can be a daunting task.  The advisors in the PMHSC are here to guide students through both the preparation and application process. 

All of the nine podiatry schools in the United States use a centralized application called the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine Application Service.  It is called AACPMAS for short.  

AACPMAS begins processing applications the first Wednesday in August each year for Fall admission the following year.  While each podiatry school may have its own deadline, the PMHSC suggests submitting a well-written, great application as early as possible after the application opens.  

The AACPMAS application will collect a lot of information from applicants.  That information is shared with the podiatry schools an applicant is interested in applying to.  The information collected is divided into four sections: 

  1. Personal Information 

  • Applicants are asked to include their demographics and information about their families and influences 

  1. Academic Information 

  • Collects coursework and accompanying grades; there is a place where applicants can indicate their unofficial MCAT score, official scores are sent to the podiatry schools 

  1. Supporting Information 

  • Collects information about an applicant's experiences outside of the classroom, includes a place for applicants to indicate their evaluators' names and provide a personal statement  

  1. Program Materials 

  • This is the section of the application where an applicant indicates which podiatry schools, they are interested in applying to; each podiatry school is able to customize the additional information they would like from an applicant in this section  

Application Support Resources 

Pre-podiatry students are encouraged to schedule a one-on-one appointments with pre-med advisors to discuss application-related questions.  AACPMAS also provides application instructions through their Applicant Help Center.  This online, clickable database is divided into sections and is easy to navigate. The PMSHC advisors recommend bookmarking this website for quick reference during the application process.