Pre-Physical Therapy at WSU

Physical Therapists (PT) are an integral part of a healthcare team. As movement experts, PTs diagnose and treat patients of all ages for injuries, disabilities or other health concerns. The focus of treatment can range from improving movement, restoring function, preventing disabilities to reducing or managing pain. This work is done in various settings including hospitals, clinics, home care, sports facilities and nursing homes.   

Preparing for PT School at WSU 

Many PT programs across the country require students to earn a bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation. Others require a set of prerequisite classes to be completed. Students who are deciding between earning a degree and only completing the prerequisite courses before they apply should research the PT programs they hope to apply to. By researching various programs and the individual requirements, students will be able to determine which pathway will give them more flexibility when applying to PT schools.  

The PMHSC offers pre-PT academic advising for any WSU student who plans to pursue a career in physical therapy. There are two ways a student might follow when working with a pre-PT advisor.  

  • Pre-professional pathway: Students who plan to only complete the prerequisite courses required to apply are considered ‘pre-professional’ and are given a ‘pre-PT’ coding on their record. This also means that a pre-PT academic advisor will be assigned. 

  • Bachelor’s degree pathway: Students who would like to earn a BS or BA before beginning PT school should declare a major area of study. When a major is declared, an academic advisor specializing in that subject is assigned. Students will work with both their assigned major advisor and a pre-PT advisor in the PMHSC to ensure they are on track to earn their degree and be eligible to apply to PT school.