Pre-Physical Therapy at WSU

Physical therapists (PTs) are licensed and dynamic health care professionals who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the very old, who have functional limitations, disabilities or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform activities ranging from basic activities of daily living to the highest levels of athletic competition. In addition, PTs work with individuals to prevent the loss of function and mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

The WSU Pre-med and Health Science Center (PMHSC) provides academic advising for the Pre-Physical Therapy student. The advisor will meet with you in-person or on-line to assist you in course selection and make you aware of the GPA requirement, attendance at information meetings, course completion and admission application deadlines, submissions of official transcript (WSU and transfer)International student affairs (transcript evaluation and TOEFL), as well as advisor contact information.

Your Pre-med and Health Science advisor will work with you to fulfill requirements for WSU's Physical Therapy program, but will also support your application to other programs. Use the Pre-PT Comparison Chart to review prerequisites and other details about the PT programs in the state. Ask your Pre-PT advisor to help you navigate this information at your next meeting.


Science prerequisite requirements

The following prerequisites must be completed by December of the application year (one can remain to be completed by May):

  • BIO 1510 Basic Life Mechanisms (NSIL)
  • BIO 2870 Anatomy & Physiology & Lab
  • Three credits of Biology at the 300 level or higher at a four-year institution (not required for students completing a bachelor's degree by program start)
  • Two college-level chemistry courses with at least one lab. Courses must be chemistry content oriented and topics must not overlap (options include CHM 1020 or 1100/1130, CHM 1140/1150, CHM 1030 or 1240/1250, and CHM 2220/2230) (NSIL)
  • PHY 2130/2131 General Physics I & Lab (NSIL)
  • PHY 2140/2141 General Physics II & Lab

Non-science prerequisite requirements

The following courses must be completed by the May of the year you are applying for:

  • ENG 1020 - Introductory College Writing (BC)
  • PSY 1010 or 1020 - Introductory Psychology
  • STA 1020 - Elementary Statistics (QE)
  • A minimum of 6 additional credits in upper division (3000 level +) courses concentrated in one area.

University general education requirements*

The following requirements must be completed before entering the professional program:

  • Civic Literacy (CIV)
  • Cultural Inquiry (CI)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Global Learning (GL)
  • Intermediate Composition (IC)
  • Oral Communication (OC) (exam option)
  • Social Inquiry (SI)
  • Wayne Experience (WE)

*Note: Students who hold a previous bachelor's degree or who qualify under the university's MTA transfer policy (see are exempt from completing the General Education requirements listed above. 


  • A minimum of 3.0 undergraduate GPA as calculated by PTCAS, 3.0 prerequisite GPA, and 3.0 math and science prerequisite GPA.
  • All grades in prerequisite requirements must be a minimum of "C" or better (2.0 on a 4.0 grade scale). Due to the unique situation created by COVID-19, many institutions are allowing students to choose a Pass/No Pass option in lieu of a letter grade in certain semesters. The program encourages applicants to receive letter grades in their prerequisite courses. P/N will be accepted if the grading institution's policy is a C or better to receive a Pass. If the school accepts C- or below as a Pass, students will be required to submit a letter from the instructor documenting what the grade earned would have been (in the case of WSU courses, since we can view that grade in the system, such a letter will not be required). This policy applies to the following semesters: Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring/Summer 2021.
  • A minimum of 90 credit hours.
  • General Test of the GRE taken by September 1. GRE scores are valid for two years.
  • GRE minimum scores required: 140 Verbal, 140 Quantitative, and 3.0 in Writing.
  • The program utilizes the exam with the highest overall scores. Only scores from one testing date are considered. For example, we will not consider a verbal score from one exam date, a quantitative score from another, and a writing score from yet another.
  • General Education requirements must be complete before entering the professional program.
  • Non-science prerequisites coursework must be completed by May.
  • Science prerequisite coursework must be completed within six years of the time of application to the professional program. These prerequisites must also be completed by December of the application year. (One science prerequisite course can remain to be completed by May.) 
  • Students selected to interview will be required to take the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer), an on-line test which assesses non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics. See for more information.
  • Admitted students are required to attain Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certification. 
  • Two professional references. One must be from a Physical Therapist.
  • Physical Therapy students must acquire and maintain certain essential functions that are necessary to the practice of Physical Therapy. Please read the linked document that describes these essential functions.

Applicants should refer to the WSU DPT Admissions webpage for a complete overview of how to apply to the WSU PT program including the application deadline and all supporting documentation.