With over 254 accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs in the US, it is important that students check the prerequisite requirements at each of the schools they hope to apply to. The coursework below meets the admissions requirements for the DPT programs in the state of Michigan. The courses do not constitute a major and some DPT programs may require a bachelor’s degree in addition to the courses listed below. Pre-PT students should consult with a pre-PT advisor to determine which courses most appropriately meet goals. 


Two courses with lab, and anatomy & physiology 

  • BIO 1500/01 - Basic Life Diversity with Lab 

  • BIO 1510/1511 - Basic Life Mechanisms with Lab 

  • BIO 2870 – Anatomy & Physiology 

  • BIO 3200 – Human Physiology * 

*Counts as the upper-level BIO courses required for students who do not plan to earn a BS/BA and apply to WSU’s program  


Two semesters of chemistry with at least one lab; courses must be content oriented, and topics must not overlap 

  • CHM 1020* or 1100/1130 or 1140/1150 - General Chemistry 

  • CHM 1030* or 1240/1250 or 2220/2230 - Organic Chemistry  

*Sequence accepted at WSU only  


Two semesters of physics with lab 

  • PHY 2130/2131 - Physics for Life Science 1 

  • PHY 2140/2141 - Physics for Life Science 2 


One course in either pre-calculus or calculus 

  • MAT 1800 – Precalculus 

  • MAT 2010 – Calculus 1 


One course 

  • STA 1020 – Elementary Statistics  

  • STA 2210 – Probability and Statistics 


Two courses, introductory and human growth and development 

  • PSY 1010 or 1020 – Introduction to Psychology 

  • PSY 2400 – Developmental Psychology  

Additional Courses Required at One or More Michigan Schools  

  • KIN 6300 – Exercise Physiology 

  • MLS 3330 – Medical Terminology 

  • Sociology or anthropology  

GPA and Grade Minimums

Each program sets a minimum grade limit for prerequisite courses. Culumulative, science, and prerequisite GPA minimums are also required for application. It is an applicant's responsbility to know the grade limits for each of the programs they plan to apply to. 

The Michigan Physical Therapy Program Course Equivalents chart may also be helpful for students who plan to apply to more than one program. 

To learn more about the DPT programs in Michigan, please visit their individual websites: 

Andrews University  

Central Michigan University 

Grand Valley State University 

Oakland University 

University of Michigan – Flint 

Wayne State University 

Western Michigan University