Majors and Minors

Professional schools admit students from all majors and minors. The choice is up to each individual.  The PMHSC encourages students to choose a program that they will be happy with regardless of attending a graduate program.  Picking an enjoyable major will lead to higher engagement in learning, stronger connections with faculty, and taking advantage of opportunities in the department.    

Declare/Change major instructions 

  • Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can log on to to declare their major and minor. The Communications and Art majors can also be declared through

  • Students in the Colleges of Business, Education, Engineering, and Fine, Performing and Communication Arts (performance based programs) must meet with an academic advisor in the appropriate department to declare a major.  Please use STARS to schedule an "Exploratory" appointment in the appropriate department for further assistance. 

 Recommended Health Science Minors  

  • All Liberal Arts and Sciences students must complete a minor as a part of their undergraduate degree.  Many students in other colleges also choose to complete a minor.  The PMHSC has created a resource to help health science students consider a variety of minors.  Minors can provide breadth or depth to an undergraduate degree, and can be chosen in any field. The Minors to Consider for Pre-Health Students is not exhaustive but helps candidates assess pros and cons of popular options. The complete list of Liberal Arts and Science minors can be found here.  The Wayne State University Undergraduate Bulletin contains information about all the available majors, minors, and classes currently offered.  It is another excellent resource for exploring programs, understanding prerequisites, and creating a plan of work.