Sample activity tracker

Tracking all work and activities since high school graduation will make the application process easier. Students frequently ask, "Will this count?" Rather than making that judgment at the beginning of the journey, simply record the basics of how time is spent. The PMHSC has created a Sample Activity Tracker to help candidates understand the information that they will need to include in the primary application. 

All future physicians are expected to spend time engaging in both clinical and non-clinical activities. Significant time should be spent learning to talk to patients. For more information, please refer to the Clinical Experiences section of this website. 

The value of time spent away from the classroom is defined by each individual. It is important to learn to reflect on personal growth, lessons learned, and changing understanding of the larger world. A competitive candidate is able to articulate the ways they have changed, provide context for the change, and connect it to future goals. Recording information about specific incidents and individuals connected to this growth will be useful when writing the application.