Aid for study abroad programs

You may be eligible to receive federal financial aid funds for a study abroad program. Your enrollment in a study abroad program in courses that are approved for credit at WSU, may be considered for financial aid eligibility. File your FAFSA and follow-up to have your aid in order before you leave.

Study abroad FAQ and checklist

Funding options

Non-WSU programs

If you enroll in a non-WSU program, a consortium agreement is required before we can consider your eligibility for financial aid funds. The host school must be eligible to participate in Federal Tile IV programs.

If you are approved for aid to attend non-WSU programs, you will be eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans and Federal Pell Grants only. You will not be eligible to receive WSU scholarship or WSU grant funding. If you are not attending at least half time, you may consider an alternative private loan through your lender or credit union.

We will use the cost-of-attendance figures from your host school to determine your aid eligibility. 

Remember to submit your transcript showing the final grades you received for your program. We cannot apply aid for your next semester until we confirm your satisfactory academic progress status. 

WSU programs

Carefully review the costs of your program. If the costs are high, you may want to consider filing a Budget Adjustment Request form available on our forms page.

You must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify for federal loan funds.

Receiving your funds

WSU will disburse aid funds within four weeks of receiving all of your financial aid application materials or at the beginning of the study abroad period, whichever occurs later.

This may mean that you will have to pay any up front study abroad travel, program fees and deposits on your own.

Financial aid funds will be disbursed directly to you. It is your responsibility to pay all charges to the host institution. We encourage you to sign up for direct deposit to receive funds directly deposited to your bank account.

Study Abroad & Global Programs