Aid for special programs

You may be eligible to receive federal financial aid for a study abroad program. File your FAFSA, then follow-up to have your financial aid organized before you depart.  

Study abroad

As a non-degree student, you may be eligible for limited student loan funding if you are:  

  • Enrolled in an eligible certificate program  

  • Enrolled in a teacher certification program 

  • Taking prerequisite coursework necessary for admission and enrollment in an eligible program.  

Non-degree programs

The Wayne Advantage program gives you the opportunity to begin your Wayne State University degree at Macomb Community College. 

Wayne Advantage-Macomb

Special situations

Students with drug convictions for an offense which occurred while receiving federal aid are, in some cases still eligible for aid.

Note: Effective June 17, 2021, for the 2021-22 academic year, drug-related convictions will no longer affect your eligibility to receive federal financial aid. 

Students confined in a correctional or juvenile justice facility may be eligible for federal aid in certain cases. When applying for federal student aid while confined, use the mailing address of your current correctional or juvenile justice facility.

Applying for aid if you are in a correctional facility