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The Office of Student Financial Aid remains open and is available to assist you with your questions about your financial aid and scholarships. You can reach us by sending an email to or calling us at 313-577-2100. 

We will communicate with you through your WSU email account and will send email about outstanding requirements, awards and messages about your eligibility.

You can check the status of your financial aid award and outstanding requirements at any time in Academica.

We ask that you submit documents remotely at this time. Check your financial aid requirements in Academica. Many of our forms are electronic and can be submitted to us directly. Documents without social security numbers or other personally identifiable information can also be emailed to us at If your forms are not electronic you can use the link below. Documents submitted via this link will be reviewed and identified before your requirements are updated in Academica.

Main campus

The Welcome Center
42 W. Warren Avenue
P.O. Box 2340
Detroit, MI 48202-0340
Phone: 313-577-2100 
Fax: 313-577-6648
Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m.
Walk-ins are welcome.

School of Medicine

Mazurek Education Commons
320 E. Canfield, Suite 317
Detroit, MI 48201
Make an appointment at
Phone: Student Service Center - 313-577-2100

Law School

Phone: 313-577-5142 or 313-577-2100


Phone: 313-577-3201 or 313-577-2100

The Office of Student Financial Aid assists eligible students in meeting their educational expenses while attending Wayne State University. Assistance is provided through grants, scholarships, student employment, and loans.  We encourage you to consider all options before incurring loan debt.

Office of Student Financial Aid Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Financial Aid is to provide access to financial resources in a fair, sensitive and confidential manner; to inform and educate students and their families about their financial options; and, to continually improve our services so that students may take full advantage of their educational opportunities. OSFA is dedicated to administering financial aid programs per Federal, State and University regulations and policies while maintaining a high standard of ethics.  

Financial aid staff listing


Catherine Kay
Senior Director

Outreach and Retention

Bibi Ahmed
Financial Aid Officer I
Sharif AliDinar
Financial Aid Officer I
Daisy Cordero
Financial Aid Officer III
Eve Crandall
Financial Aid Officer I
Mershawn Gayden
Financial Aid Officer II
Michelle Hooks
Financial Aid Officer I
Teryn King
Financial Aid Officer I
Louie Krause
Associate Director
Shaine Mathieu
Financial Aid Officer I
Shobana Mohanan
Assistant Director, Outreach and Retention
Ashley Morgan
Financial Aid Officer
Ashton Niedzwiecki
Financial Aid Officer I
Antonia Rose
Data Analyst


Lee Beaton
Scholarship Specialist
Lenisa Daniels
Scholarship Specialist
Michelle Luck
Associate Director
Nikki Thomas
Data Analyst
Keisha Turner
Scholarship Specialist

Federal Programs

Abir Beydoun
Data Analyst
Lashawn Brown
Financial Aid Compliance Specialist
Sara Hoisington
Data Analyst
Fredrick LaBeau
Lead Financial Aid Compliance Specialist
Ryan Thomas
Assistant Director


Tracy Allen
Data Analyst
Valerie Culler
Compliance Analyst
Alexandria Hess
Associate Director, Financial Aid Systems
Kimberly Kempen
Financial Aid Compliance Analyst

Compliance and Training

Jacqui Au
Data Analyst
Karen Fulford
Sr. Associate Director
Christine Powell
Assistant Director, Training

School of Medicine

Barbara Jones
Financial Aid Officer III
Adam Zangerle
Financial Aid Officer II