Reverse transfer program

Reverse transfer allows transfer students enrolled at WSU to transfer credits back to a community college from where they had transferred for the purpose of attaining an associate degree.  

An associate degree is an important milestone in your education as well as a valuable credential to have on your résumé. Employers recognize this degree as evidence of your commitment to expanding your knowledge and achieving your educational goals. The associate degree is the nation's fastest growing academic credential and it can open the door to better job opportunities even while you are still working toward your bachelor's degree.

Wayne State has signed formal transfer agreements with the following community colleges:

  • Delta College
  • Henry Ford College
  • Jackson College
  • Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Macomb Community College
  • Northwestern Michigan College
  • Oakland Community College
  • St. Clair County Community College
  • Schoolcraft College
  • Washtenaw Community College
  • Wayne County Community College District

Through our agreements with these participating community colleges, we will periodically evaluate your record. If you have met certain requirements, we will ask you to submit the Reverse Transfer Transcript Request form to send your WSU transcript to your community college, specifically for reverse transfer purposes.

Once your community college reviews your transcript and confirms that you have earned your associate degree, you can have an updated community college transcript sent to WSU to this address:

Wayne State University
P.O. Box 02759
Detroit, MI 48202-0759

If you attended a community college that does not have a formal agreement with WSU, you can still request WSU transcript to be sent to your community college (typically the admissions or the registrar's office) to have it evaluated for reverse transfer. While this process does not guarantee that you will receive your associate's degree, we recommend you to do this to see if your community college will grant your degree. 

When you earn your associate's degree, most community colleges will require you to apply for graduation. Please contact your college contact for confirmation.