Transfer Advising Committee

The Transfer Advising Committee (TAC) was formed in 2017 in conjunction with the Wayne State University Transfer Student Success Center and University Advising Center. It consists of Wayne State advisors, administrators and other transfer champion professionals. Our goal is to build awareness of common transfer barriers and work together for the success of all transfer students.


The mission of the Transfer Advising Committee (TAC) is to improve proficiency in transfer student and transfer credit best practices. With this enhanced knowledge, advisors will acquire a dynamic tool kit to help them accurately and holistically support students throughout the transfer process and beyond. We will provide these services to advisors and the Wayne State University community through guided workshops, guest speakers, training materials, and other related activities to secure a foundation in the nuances of partner institutions-specific practices and procedures.  

The Transfer Advising Committee works externally to cultivate, collaborate, and support transfer initiatives with our community college partners. We look to find ways to work together to better support transfer student success.

Transfer Advising Committee members 

  • Co-Chair: Doug Peacock, Academic Services Officer II
  • Co-Chair: Ranae Hamama, Associate Director, Transfer Student Success 
  • Members: Margaret MacKeverican, Nicole Saez, Kaleigh Webber, Angel Niederkohr, Patricia Michno, Maya Calloway Richardson, Zoe Makhool, Monika Saladiak, and Antoinette Cunningham.