WSU long-term loans

Some WSU departments may offer long-term loans to eligible students enrolled in their programs.

  • The academic department is responsible for providing you with loan counseling, determining your eligibility and making a loan offer.

Truth in Lending Act requirements

To receive a WSU long-term loan and comply with Truth in Lending Act requirements, the following documents must be completed  before any loan funds can be paid to your student account:

Student self-certification form 

Note: This is not an application form and must be returned before your loan can be disbursed.

To fill out the Self-Certification Form, you will need to figure your cost of attendance. In order to complete the cost of attendance section of the form, you will need to access your WSU cost of attendance and your estimated financial assistance by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to the Financial Aid Portal in Academica.
  2. Select the applicable aid year for your loan.
  3. Click the "Award Offer" tab.
  4. Write the total amount listed under "Cost of Attendance" as your cost of attendance on the form. 
  5. Write the total amount of the awards listed as your estimated financial assistance on the form.
  6. Follow the remaining instructions on the form.

Disclosure 1

H-18 Loan application and solicitation disclosure form

Disclosure 2

Loan approval disclosure form  This will be sent to your WSU email account after the Office of Student Financial Aid receives your application materials.

Disclosure 3

Loan final disclosure form  This will be sent to your WSU email account shortly after the Office of Student Financial Aid receives your completed Loan Approval Disclosure from Disclosure 2.

Loan repayment

Repayment of your WSU long-term loan will begin seven months from the time you cease to be enrolled at least half time.

  • All payments are due by the first of the month.
  • You have the right to pay more than the amount that is due on your loan.
  • This process will shorten the time that your loan is in repayment and reduce the overall interest that you will pay.
  • You may prepay without any penalty on the loan at any time.