Smart planning

Create your college financial plan

Meet with us before your first semester to begin creating your college financial plan and continue each semester with a follow-up session to monitor your financial progress. Let us help you understand your cost of attendance, your financial aid package, and if needed, how to find other sources of assistance.  

  • Step One: Determine your cost of attendance and create your personal budget
  • Step Two: Assess your financial opportunities and options for scholarshipsgrants, savings, part-time workwork-study, gifts, or loans
  • Step Three: Create your college financial plan by using our college financial plan worksheet 
  • Step Four: If considering loans, determine an appropriate amount  based on your costs and other financial aid awards
  • Step Five: Review your college financial plan each academic period and make any necessary adjustments

iGrad-WSU is a free online resource with helpful worksheets and guidance to assist you in building a multi-year college financial plan.