Smart work life

Crossing over from classroom to work life is an exciting process, and you may be thinking about what's next. You will want to be prepared with a resume, interview tips, and job-hunting tools. Below are a few resources to help you with the financial transition from college to career.

Income smarts

What to do with your new income. Many graduates misgauge how much they will be earning right out of college. Knowing where your money is going can help you prepare for life out of college. 

Plan your career

Career planning tools can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, character traits, biases and preferences, and more. By conducting an honest self-evaluation, you can gain awareness of your innermost drives, desires and belief systems so you can understand where you may best succeed in the work world. 

Contact a WSU Career Services' Career Planning Counselor to explore using our career planning tools.

Salary negotiation

During the job interview process, you may be asked what you are looking for in a starting salary. Will you be prepared to answer this? Read more on the WSU Career Services website.

Employee benefits

Salary is not the only thing to consider when choosing an employer. Benefit packages may be more valuable than a higher compensation. Learn what goes into a benefit package and what questions to ask by making an appointment with WSU Career Services.