Application support

Application support 

Students preparing to apply to any professional program should begin thinking about how they want to present themselves in their application at least two terms before they formally apply. The pre-occupational therapy advisors in the PMHSC are available to meet with students to review coursework, assess personal statements, discuss schools of interest, and more. 

Personal statement  

Students looking for assistance with writing theirpersonal statement may look over what the PMHSCbelieves are the most important questions students should be answeringin their personal statement. That is available to check outhere. PMHSC advisors also offer workshops on personal statement writing at least twice a term. Dates and times can be found on theWorkshop Seriespage along with the RSVP link.The personal statement is an important part of the holistic review for admission. The statement length is 250-500 words, so it is important to think about your statement from the beginning of your academic career. 


Most occupational therapy programs participate in a centralized application system called OTCAS. The website has helpful tips and suggestions as well as detailed instructions about the application process. It is the student's responsibility to educate themselves about the application and its various deadlines.

Applicants will have two opportunities to attach/copy-paste the personal statement; (1) in the general section of the application and (2) in the program specific section of the application for those interested inthe WSUOT program. Applicants have the choice of using the same personal statement in each location or they can create another statement for theWSUsection that includes information on why theWSUOT program is the correct fit for the applicant and their career goals. Additional details and instructions for the personal statement can be found within the application. 

Make sure to take advantage of all the resources available to you to ensure you are truly prepared to apply to the occupational therapy program.