Interviewing for Dental School 

Dental school admission interview season typically runs from mid-August through the following February.  Interview invitations are sent directly from dental schools (not the AADSAS application) to an applicant.   

Dental schools make decisions about who to offer interviews to by reviewing an applicant's AADSAS application and supplemental materials. Many dental schools across the country cite their selection factors to come from a combination of quantitative and qualitative components of the application such as the rigor of academic curriculum, grades/GPA earned in undergraduate coursework, DAT scores, personal characteristics demonstrated in experience descriptions, the personal statement, and letters of evaluation.  Interview invitations are typically sent to applicants who demonstrate growth and/or excellence in several of these areas that the admissions committee wants to learn more about. 

Interview Formats 

There are a few different interview formats that dental school applicants will commonly see dental schools using during their interview days. 

The traditional interview follows a question-answer format and can be very conversational. The interviewers are usually members of the admissions committee and have reviewed some, if not all, of the applicant's dental school application. 

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) includes several, short, timed scenarios or questions. This interview type allows the admissions committee to see how an applicant can quickly adapt and think on their feet. There are few dental schools that use this interview type in their process. The University of Michigan School of Dentistry, however, is one that does.  

The Group Interview is like the traditional interview in that it follows a question-answer format. The difference, though, is that every applicant in the group is typically asked the same question. This makes this interview type competitive and intimidating. 

The Altus Suite (CASper, Snapshot and Duet) is a multi-part assessment that gives each applicant the opportunity for programs to get to know them better, earlier on in the admissions process, by demonstrating their unique competencies and attributes that showcase who they are, beyond their grades. There are a few dental schools that require parts of the Altus suite. To know which schools require what, the PMHSC suggests applicants check the Altus website and individual program websites. 

The components of interview day can vary from dental school to dental school. Applicants should check individual program websites to review additional requirements and components prior to the start of application to be prepared.    

Interview Preparation 

There are several great interview preparation resources available to you on campus. The PMHSC offers workshops about the different types of interviews, beginning later in the summer months.  These workshops offer an overview of the interview types, share sample questions, and often include time to practice answering questions. The Wayne State University Career Services office also offers several tools to help applicants prepare for upcoming professional school interviews. Students can schedule mock interview appointments with career counselors and tap into resources such as Big Interview to aid in interview preparation.