Activity Tracker

Keeping Track of Experiences

Pre-dental students are very active outside of the work they do in the classroom.  It is the responsibility of a pre-dental student to not only keep track of the developmental work and experiences they engage in, but also to reflect on the skills and competencies being learned and/or developed. 

Pre-dental advisors suggest that students track their activities using something like the PMHSC Activity Tracker.  This tracker can be downloaded, saved, and modified to include any additional information an applicant believes will be helpful in writing their experience descriptions, providing their letter writers with information, updating a CV or resume, and drafting a personal statement. 

In addition to recording the dates, the number of hours, and contact information related to an experience, pre-dental advisors encourage pre-dental students to reference the core competencies and note any observations made about the profession, areas of growth, challenges, and lessons learned.  Making reflective notes at the same time hours are recorded ensures an accurate account of the experience which may be helpful later at the time of application.