Community College Transfer Scholarship FAQ

Q. Who is awarded a WSU Transfer Merit Scholarship?

Scholarships are available to qualified incoming transfer students who are currently enrolled at a community college or were enrolled at a community college within one of the two semesters prior to their anticipated starting term at Wayne State University.

Q. If selected, how and when will I be notified that I have received a transfer scholarship?

The scholarship notification will come from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. You will accept your award through the admissions application portal at

Q. How many students will be considered for these scholarships?

There is no set number of available scholarships. Awards will be based on available funds and the number of students who qualify.

Q. If I'm awarded the Green Transfer Scholarship at the time of admission, but my updated GPA meets the criteria for the Gold Transfer Scholarship, will I automatically be reconsidered for the Gold?

GPA requirements for the awards are based on your GPA at the time of the scholarship deadline. You will automatically be considered for the higher award.

Q. Am I allowed a maximum number of credits from a four-year college in order to be considered for a transfer scholarship?

There is no cap on credits from a previous four-year institution. However, in order to be considered for a scholarships, you must be currently enrolled at a community college or have been enrolled at a community college within one of the two semesters prior to the anticipated start term at Wayne State University..

Q. If I have completed a bachelor's degree and am returning to school to pursue a second degree, am I eligible for a Community College scholarship?

No. If you have completed a four-year degree at a university you are not eligible for admissions merit scholarships.

Q. If I am a recipient of a scholarship, will it affect my existing financial aid package?

It may. All scholarships must be counted in determining eligibility for other aid. Check your Academica account for the latest update on your financial aid package.

Q. Does it matter what my major is?

It does not.

Q. Is anything else factored into scholarship decisions?

No. As long as funds are available, any student who meets the criteria will be considered equally.

Q. Can I use my scholarship to pay for spring/summer classes?

No. Funds can be applied only to fall and winter semester classes.

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