Podiatry School


Each of the nine accredited Podiatric Medicine schools in the US require and/or recommend similar prerequisite coursework. The American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) site lists the following coursework and credit hours for admission to all US podiatric medical schools. These courses, and others as indicated, are also considered essential for MCAT preparation.These courses do not constitute a major, but may be required within certain major or minor programs.  Professional Health Science advisors in the PMHSC will assist you in planning these courses and can provide assistance in your major selection.      


One year of basic biology with lab

BIO 1500     4 cr.
BIO 1510     4 cr.

Advanced BIO electives recommended for MCAT preparation

BIO 2600  3 cr.
BIO 3100 3 cr.
BIO 3200 3 cr.


One year of general chemistry with lab. One year of organic chemistry with lab.

CHM 1220/1230     5 cr.
CHM 1240/1250     5 cr.
CHM 2220/2230     5 cr.
CHM 2280/2290    5 cr.


One year of physics with lab.

PHY 2130/2131 (or PHY 2170/2171)       4 cr.     
PHY 2140/2141 (or PHY 2180/2181)     4 cr.

English composition courses      6-8 cr.

Additional courses recommended for MCAT preparation:

PSY 1010 or 1020    4-3 cr.
SOC 1010    3 cr.


All interested students are also required to sit for an MCAT exam. Basic information can be found on this site but is covered in detail on the AAMC website. Pre-Med and Health Science advisors can help with course sequencing and selecting MCAT dates. During the year leading up to the exam, students need to educate themselves about the test and commit to a structured study plan. 


AACPMAS is the centralized application service for all 9 podiatric medicine programs. AACPMAS begins processing admission applications the first Wednesday in August each year for fall admission the following year. Other admission requirements include letters of recommendation which are to be sent directly to the podiatric medical schools, as well as personal interviews. Deadline information is detailed on the AACPM admissions site. Your PMHSC pre-health advisor can help you with application concerns and preparation.