There are over 120 pharmacy schools in the United States, and the prerequisites vary for each program. The coursework outlined below meets the admissions requirements for the three pharmacy schools in Michigan. The courses do not constitute a major or degree. Pre-pharmacy advisors in the PMHSC will work with all candidates to plan the most appropriate classes aligned with a student’s goals.  

To learn more about the pharmacy schools in Michigan, please visit their individual websites linked below. Students can also reference the Pharmacy School Course Equivalents document.  

Ferris State University College of Pharmacy  

University of Michigan College of Pharmacy 

Wayne State University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 


Two courses with lab, microbiology and genetics. 

  • BIO 1500 and 1501 - Basic Life Diversity - 4 credits
  • BIO 1510 and 1511 - Basic Life Mechanisms - 4 credits*
  • BIO 2270 and 2271 – Introduction to Microbiology – 5 credits* 
  • BIO 3070 – Genetics – 4 credits 


Two semesters of general chemistry with labs, and two semesters of organic chemistry with labs 

  • CHM 1100and 1130 - General Chemistry 1 - 5 credits*
  • CHM 1140 and 1150 – General Chemistry 2 – 5 credits 
  • CHM 1240 and 1250 – Organic Chemistry 1 – 5 credits 
  • CHM 2220 and 2230 – Organic Chemistry 2 – 5 credits 


One semester of biochemistry, lab is not required 

  • BIO 3100 - Cellular Biochemistry - 3 credits OR
  • CHM 5600 Biochemistry – 3 credits 


One semester of physics with lab 

  • PHY 2130 + 2131 – Physics for the Life Sciences 1 – 5 credits* 


One semester of calculus 

  • MAT 2010 – Calculus 1 – 4 credits 


One semester of statistics 

  • STA 1020 – Elementary Statistics – 3 credits * 

Humanities, Social Sciences, Cultural Enrichment 

  • These prerequisite requirements are fulfilled when a student completes the courses required that meet general education requirements 

*indicates courses that will also meet a general education requirement at WSU. 

Students who are interested in applying to pharmacy school are ultimately responsible for knowing the requirements of the schools they plan to apply to. Some schools, outside of the state of Michigan, may require additional or different courses to be completed prior to applying. 

Prerequisite Grade Minimums & GPA Calculations 

Each pharmacy program sets a minimum for both individual grades in prerequisite courses and calculated GPAs. It is important to check minimums and keep track of GPA calculations. Doing so can help an applicant determine whether or not they are competitive at the pharmacy schools they would like to apply to. PharmCAS is the centralized application service that most pharmacy schools use during the application process. PharmCAS offers pre-pharmacy students a downloadable GPA calculator to use to keep track of their grades during their undergraduate studies. PMHSC advisors encourage pre-pharmacy students to download and track their grades each semester.