Application Support

Submitting a professional school application can be daunting! The advisors in the PMHSC are here to help students navigate both the preparation and application process. 

Important Dates

Most pharmacy schools use a centralized application called the Pharmacy College Application Service, PharmCAS for short. The application operates in a yearly cycle and announces important application dates each year. Dates applicants want to watch for include: 

  • The date the application opens (typically mid-July) 

  • Priority deadlines 

  • Final deadlines 

Each pharmacy program will select a priority deadline and/or final deadline date from a set of options provided by PharmCAS. This means that an applicant who is applying to multiple schools may have multiple deadlines they have to pay attention to.  

PharmCAS Application Information 

The PharmCAS application collects a lot of information from applicants. That information is, in turn, shared with the pharmacy schools an applicant applies to. The information collected is divided into four sections: 

  1. Personal Information – This section is used to gather an applicant’s biographic and contact information including citizenship, race/ethnicity, and other family information. 

  1. Academic Information – This section is where an applicant inputs the high schools and colleges they have attended and the associated coursework. This section will also collect any earned test scores or planned test dates. 

  1. Supporting Information – This section is used to collect information to support an applicant’s preparedness for pharmacy school including the names of evaluators, achievements, experiences, and certifications. 

  1. Program Information – If specific pharmacy programs have any additional application requirements, this section is used to collect that requested information. Program deadlines are also outlined in this section.  

Application Support Resources 

The pre-pharmacy advisors are available to assist students throughout the application process by answering questions about PharmCAS and reviewing final drafts of the personal statement essay. Students may also use the WRT Zone for assistance in the writing process. The PMHSC also maintains a YouTube channel with helpful videos about topics such as writing the personal statement and pre-writing for the application.