Interview Prep

Interviews are the opportunity for a PA admissions team to assess a candidate's fit for their school and the profession. Interviews are also an opportunity for applicants to impress the programs with their passion and commitment. They can be held in a variety of formats: traditional or structured, in person or virtual, long-form or multiple mini interview (MMI), and more. The Career Services Center is an excellent resource for preparing for a traditional interview. The Big Interview is a particularly helpful tool for practicing questions and reviewing responses.  

Structured interviews are used to reduce interviewer bias, assess candidates for fit, and evaluate the core competencies. Accuity Insights created an online version of a situational judgement test that is used widely by PA programs. There are three separate assessments called Casper, Duet, and Snapshot. This chart contains information on which schools in Michigan are using Casper, Duet or Snapshot.