Application Support

PA candidates can rely on the PMHSC team to support them through the application cycle. Advisors help students prepare written materials, plan the timing of exams and application submissions, brainstorm possible letter writers, create a list of schools and more. Advisors provide this support in workshops, drop-in sessions, and one-on-one advising appointments. Keep scrolling to learn more about the process. 

Primary Application 

Most PA programs use the Centralized Application Service for PA, or CASPA, to collect applications. The CASPA portal makes it easy for candidates to enter all of their information one time and apply to multiple programs. This information includes biographic data, academic records, letters, test scores and other information that admissions committees want to see. There is also a Program Materials section where candidates will be asked to match their courses to program prerequisites and possibly answer some short questions about their fit for that school. All of this information is collected by CASPA and then forwarded to each participating program. Students are expected to review and understand the various application deadlines and requirements for the schools they apply to.