Letters of evaluation

Medical schools request that all candidates submit professional letters of evaluation. Each school has different requirements that can be found in the Medical School Admissions Requirement guide. These evaluations need to be requested during the application cycle and submitted confidentially by the writers. Letters will either be submitted directly to the application service or uploaded to a third party portfolio service called Interfolio Dossier.  

Some medical schools will ask for a "committee letter." Wayne State University Pre-Med and Health Science Center does not offer this service. However, students can work to develop an excellent set of recommendations. A strong portfolio of letters will include information about a candidate beyond what is available on a resume or transcript. Letters can come from faculty members, principal investigators on research projects, employment supervisors, volunteer coordinators, mentors, and more. Building a support network begins early in the student's career. The PMHSC advisors encourage pre-med students to practice relationship-building skills early on by utilizing office hours, asking questions in class, and exploring additional learning opportunities.