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President M. Roy Wilson is the only current university president to serve on the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director.

Learn why nearly 27,000 students from 75 countries choose to study in the heart of Detroit.

We will create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities.


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Experience traditional college life on a campus that's anything but ordinary.

In each episode, host Sara Kacin speaks with academic leaders at Wayne State University to learn how they have developed their careers while empowering themselves and others along the way.

400+ public performances, exhibits and cultural events annually in Midtown Detroit.

Connect with more than 274,000 alumni around the world.

There's something for every interest.

Home to TechTown, Detroit’s most established business accelerator and incubator.

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World-renowned faculty. Top-ranked programs. Groundbreaking discoveries. Find out why a Wayne State education will set you apart.

Home to Michigan's largest multiple sclerosis clinic — the largest African American MS clinic in the country.

The Wayne State Police Department patrols campus 24/7, 365

WSU is a partner in the University Research Corridor with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, generating 95% of research in the state.

Explore 350 degree programs through 13 schools and colleges.

Home to IBio, a $90 million facility dedicated to eliminating health disparities in Detroit.

Carnegie Foundation's highest rankings for research and community engagement.

Unparalleled access to internships, career connections and more with industry leaders right at our doorstep.

Wayne State University is proud to drive innovation from our hometown in Detroit, the birthplace of the automotive industry

Warrior strong: Professors and students

  • M.L. Liebler

    Faculty If you cut me, I bleed green and gold.
  • Cynthera McNeill

    Faculty I am a product of the city of Detroit.
  • Ramy Hijazi

    Student I'm part of Detroit's resurgence.
  • Isaac Weiss

    Student I’m supposed to be here.