Transfer Student Experience

Let the Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC) help you understand the numerous Wayne State opportunities and resources available to support your success.

 As a transfer student to Wayne State, you can expect to:

  • Save money on your education through our student-friendly transfer policies and partnership opportunities.
  • Be prepared to transfer into a four-year program by following our pathways or other partnerships.
  • Find meaningful connections and resources to support your success.
  • Graduate in a timely manner with a world-class education.
  • Find opportunities to jump-start graduate school and expand your education outside the classroom.

Make connections

Just because you are starting at a new college doesn't mean you can't make new friends.  Wayne State offers hundreds of opportunities to expand your network, connect with students or join an organization. Let the Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC) help you discover all your opportunities. 

  • Dean of Students – Get Involved
  • Transfer Student Club
  • Living and Learning Community
  • National Transfer Student Week (October)
  • Athletic events

Transfer Student Club

The Transfer Student Club (TSC) is a campus-based student organization created and run by transfer students.  The TSC is committed to the growth and success of Wayne State's transfer students. It's a great opportunity to meet other students, network and enjoy special experiences around the city and campus. 

For more information and to join, please email

Enhance your degree

Transfer Living, Learning Community

transfer living learning community

The Transfer Student Living Learning Community (LLC) aims to provide transfer students with an on-campus experience focused on belonging. The Transfer Student LLC is located in Towers Residential Suites.

Advantages of joining the Transfer Student LLC

  • Supplemental transfer advising
  • Support navigating Wayne State and the transfer process 
  • Special academic and social connections with their transfer peers
  • Networking and team building experiences

Eligibility for the Transfer Student LLC

  • Transfer student to Wayne State University from a two-year or four-year institution
  • Planning to live in a residence hall on campus

Find support

Wayne State offers countless support and wellness opportunities.  For students just starting at Wayne State, we suggest starting here.