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Wayne State hosts over 30 Learning Communities (LCs) each year. As part of the LC experience, students connect with a small group and one of our 200 peer mentors. Students will attend LC courses together and also meet with their small group and peer mentor once a week for check ins, study sessions, group work, etc. Each month, each LC also hosts social and fun events on and around campus.

NEW for Fall 2023:

The call for proposals for 2024-2025 First-year Interest Groups (FIGs) and Learning Community (LC) Proposal is now live.

First-year Interest Groups (FIGs): FIGs are small learning community cohorts of first-year students taking courses together centered around a shared academic interest. FIGs are offered during the fall semester to support transition to college and enhance student connection to their academic department, faculty, advisors, peers, and the greater WSU community. Each FIG supports 10-30 students on average and consists of 2-4 foundational first-year courses, utilizing two-click registration to simplify the course selection process. 

Learning Communities (LCs): In Learning Communities, small groups of students with similar interests work closely together in a "community of learners." Students, along with advanced student mentors and a faculty advisor, study, socialize and problem-solve together. LCs serve students at all levels of the University. All LCs must be tied to at least one specific academic course. 

Living Learning Communities (LLCs): LLCs are simply LCs that also have students living on campus either in the same building, or ideally on the same floor, as their LLC peers. LLC coordinators will also collaborate with Housing and Residential Life on event planning and student support. 

Submitting a Proposal: All proposals are due Wednesday, November 22nd. Please visit https://wayne.edu/learning-communities/faculty/propose/ to find a PDF preview version of the FIG/LC proposal form and a link to the live Proposal form in Qualtrics. We will contact you for additional information and budget requests based on your individual proposal. 

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Learning Communities