Student groupA Learning Community gives you the advantages of a small college learning environment with the resources of a major research university. In Learning Communities, small groups of students with similar interests work closely together in a "community of learners." Students, along with advanced student mentors and a faculty advisor, study, socialize and problem-solve together. Most likely, your entire group would take a course together, or  you might all live on the same floor of a residence hall.

Some examples of Learning Communities are:

Motown & The Global Creative Writing - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of English

students around tableThe Motown Creative Writing Learning Community is an introduction to creative writing, creative and critical thinking, and analytical essay writing. We will be using fiction, poetry and some drama/dialogue writing connected to Detroit to give us practice with both creative and academic writing. You will meet and hear talks by famous Detroit visitors. After reading and discussing literary texts, students will use a specific aspect of style, method or theory to write their own creative pieces. With the help of experienced peer mentors, this Learning Community provides a friendly, accepting and warm welcome to university life at WSU, while providing you academic, creative, and other techniques as part of the new Gen Ed Requirements for succeeding in college.

M.P.R.E.P. - Mike Ilitch School of Business, Departments of Accounting and Finance

M.P.R.E.P. (Multicultural Professional Readiness Education Program) Scholars is a learning community dedicated to the support, development, retention, and graduation of multicultural students in the Mike Ilitch School of Business. This program primarily focuses on students majoring in accounting and/or finance, but is happy to welcome all other business majors as well. As an MPREP Scholar, you'll be part of a tight-knit, supportive community. Benefits include:

  • Corporate mentorship: Long-term, one-on-one mentoring with Detroit-based accounting and finance professionals
  • Professional development: Workshops and internships 
  • Industry exposure: Networking events, industry tours and involvement with professional organizations
  • Academic support: Tutoring and study groups

The majority of our M.P.R.E.P. Scholars are of African-American/Black and Latino/a/x descent, however our learning community is open to all who are interested in being involved. 

Sociology 4 Pre-Meds - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology

The Sociology 4 Pre-Meds Learning Community provides pre medical students with knowledge of sociology and how it relates to health and health outcomes, a new part of the MCAT. Students participate in seminars related to health, including the opportunity to participate in discussions with medical students and panel discussions with physicians. Peer mentors will host meetings for academic development, study groups, and community building. LC is linked to specific sections of SOC 1010. 

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