WSU Private Scholarships

Wayne State University will be announcing a new interactive scholarship application in Fall 2022. The 2023-24 Private Scholarship Application will be open after October 17, 2022 and will remain open until March 1, 2023.

WSU Private Scholarships 

WSU ScholarshipUniverse - coming soon!

WSU ScholarshipUniverse connects Wayne State University students to internal and external scholarship opportunities. Beginning in late October 2022, current and admitted Wayne State University students can log in to search and apply for scholarships.

Why should I use ScholarshipUniverse instead of another search engine?

You can apply for internal WSU scholarships and vetted external scholarships. Every department on campus will use this platform to post their scholarship opportunities. You can find scholarships based on your major, college, academic merit, financial need, and more. 

Do I have to be a student at WSU to use ScholarshipUniverse?

Yes, you will need to be admitted to Wayne State University and have established your Academica account and password in order to log in to ScholarshipUniverse and apply for private scholarships. 

How can I increase my chances of receiving an award?

Submit all application materials by the deadline.

If an award requires that you demonstrate financial need, you must have an annual FAFSA on file for the award year. For example, if you are applying for awards for the 2023-24 academic year, you will need to complete and submit the 2023-24 FAFSA. Use the WSU school code 002329 when you file.

Financial need is demonstrated by subtracting the results of your FAFSA calculation from the estimated cost of attendance. The cost of attendance is a set amount posted on our website in January for the upcoming academic year and includes tuition and fees and allowances for housing, meals, books, transportation, and personal expenses.

If I am already a recipient of a tuition pledge program, will I be able to receive additional scholarships?

All internal scholarships will be used first to pay your in-state tuition and standard fees costs as outlined in the terms and conditions of your awards. Any scholarship awarded above these costs may be used to pay your other expenses. The total of all financial aid cannot exceed your estimated cost of attendance, which includes an allowance for housing, meals, books, transportation, and personal expenses.

Tuition pledge programs include Heart of Detroit, Wayne Access, Born to Be a Warrior and Detroit Promise.

I received a scholarship last year. Am I required to reapply for the same scholarship or will it be renewed automatically?

If a scholarship is renewable, it will be noted in the criteria. Most scholarships require you to reapply each year.