Campus safety FAQ

How does the university prepare and respond?

  • A core response team has been established that is chaired by the chief of staff and includes members of administration and the chief of police. Department heads may be ad-hoc members if their area is impacted.
  • This team meets regularly to consider a variety of major event and crises, and conduct simulations.
  • When a crisis is reported, the team immediately investigates the situation, coordinates resources, and notifies the campus of steps and precautions to take.

How will I be informed if a crisis happens?

  • Notifications are sent from the Wayne State University Police Department via email and broadcast messaging.
  • Official university messages and information will be posted at
  • The campus community will be informed first, and then Wayne State will work with local news media as resources become available.

What should I do?

  • Good communication begins with you. If you are aware of a problem, do not assume someone else has reported it.
  • When a crisis occurs, contact the WSUPD at 313-577-2222. 
  • Be aware of fire alarm pull stations, blue light phones and evacuation routes for buildings you are in regularly. Wayne State employees may also volunteer to join the BIRT team to help in response efforts.